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MORE Photos of American Motors vehicles.

Cardin Javelin's & AMX's, both registered and unregistered vehicles can be found here in the gallery...



1972 Cardin Javelin plum 1972 Cardin Javelin black 1972 Cardin Javelin trans am red 1973 Cardin AMX red 1973 Cardin Javelin in Mexico red 1973 Cardin Javelin black 1972 Cardin Javelin green 1973 Cardin AMX trans am red

If you are interested in Rambler, American Motors, and Jeep, see more information on American Motors history in Costa Rica at Ryan's other site amc.co.cr.  There you can find information and photos on AMC prototypes and special interest vehicles, as well as brochures and other printed matter.


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