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The PIERRE CARDIN ROADSHOW part 1- the AMC Javelin

Pierre Cardin was born Pietro Cardin on the 2nd of July 1922, an Italian-born French fashion designer.  He became famous along with other Haute Couture designers, and is widely known for his space-age designs, and distinct style.  He created the famous Bubble Dress in 1954.

Many are familiar with his creations, and even his design for the 1972 AMC Cardin Javelin.  American Motors began a new theme in 1971 using fashion designers to create bold and original interiors for their vehicles, beginning with the Gucci Hornet.  Vince Geracci of AMC was sent to meet with Pierre Cardin in Paris, in order to discuss the idea and show Cardin the design of the Javelin.

The 1972 401ci Javelin could do 0-100 kph in just 7.1 seconds, and had a top speed of around 213 kph (132 mph).



Pierre Cardin and Vince Geracci of AMC

The Pierre Cardin Roadshow part 2 >>>


The designs...

Cardin created several different designs for the Javelin, all of which were unique and extremely daring...

To the right are six of the designs he submitted, though we understand there may have been a total of ten different options.  The final choice would be up to Vince and the other members of the AMC team, and once made the exterior colors were chosen to match, and the fabric was ordered for the first ones to be assembled.

Pierre Cardin's interior designs for the AMC Javelin

 Debut of the 1972 Cardin Javelin

... with the final decision made for the interior design, the Cardin Javelin made its debut onto the scene with great ceremony, and even a fashion show to go with it.  The Cardin Javelin, with 4152 produced over three years, is definitely the most well known of the vehicles that Pierre worked on, however, the it was not the only vehicle he created a special edition, it was only the first! ...

... so lets carry on with the show!

The Pierre Cardin Roadshow part 2 >>>


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