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The PIERRE CARDIN ROADSHOW part 2- the Cadillac

In 1979 Pierre Cardin entered into the Luxury Car market with the introduction of the Pierre Cardin Cadillac.  For the first year the Seville was the vehicle used, but that changed to the El Dorado from 1980 to 1983.

This customized Cadillac was officially named the Pierre Cardin Evolution 1, and was to be limited to a production of just 300 per year by Pierre Cardin Automotive out of New York.  As with all his products, logos and signatures were predominant, and placed in various locations.

$55,000 could net you a Cardin Cadillac with the basics in 1980. Somewhat more expensive than the Javelin, but aimed at the Rolls & Bentley customers of the world, it was a modest price when compared with the competition.

Designed for luxury, it took almost 14 seconds to reach 100km/h, and had a top speed of just 178 kph (111 mph).



Pierre Cardin Cadillac Seville

1979 Pierre Cardin Cadillac

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Cardib Cadillac etched windows

The "Etched" logo was actually a sticker added to the inside of the rear quarter windows of the vehicle.



Cardin Cadillac El Dorado

The front end was extended by Pierre several inches.


The designs...

Apart from the signatures, gold-plated emblems, and decals, the car featured 20 coats of lacquer (applied by hand), a mahogany dash, pure wool carpets, light-sensitive sunroof, and hand-stitched electric seats.

Additionally your wet bar contained even the glassware, Waterford crystal no-less.

Additional options included dual gas tanks, turbocharged engine, Sony Betamax video system, and even anti-terrorist anti-explosive devices!


1980 Pierre Cardin Cadillac Evolution 1

Though limited to 300 per year, it is unknown by me how many were actually produced during the time span involved.  Some references state that the majority of these Cadillac's have ended up in France, which does make sense, especially if certain aficionados went searching for one of these classy coaches.! ...

... But Pierre didn't create only a custom Muscle Car & a Luxury Vehicle, but also a sleek Sports Car, both faster and even more exclusive... !

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