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The PIERRE CARDIN ROADSHOW part 3- the Sbarro Stash

Now how about this little baby?  The relatively little known Sbarro Stash, customized by Cardin in 1975 is a very exclusive and limited sports car.

The Cardin Stash did get promotion in North America, but under the name of the "Shark".  Cardins hope was that this creatin would one day compete with the Jaguars and Bentleys of the world.  Though it may compete on the road in the class of the Ferrari, its performance in the sales room does not, unfortunately.

Price is unknown at this time, but US news joked that the name Shark had more to do with taking a bite out of your wallet than anything else.



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The designs...

The Sbarro Stash was based on Sbarro's earlier design, the SV1 from 1973 (name sound familiar? as in Bricklin?)...

Pierre Cardin as usual made esthetic changes mainly to the interior, and added his signature in blue to the outside trim.  The car is a Matte Black (purportedly a safety feature according to Cardin) and the interior is a mixture of rubber and Jersey wool, including wool carpeting.

The 2+2 design can do 0-100km in 6.4 seconds, and with a top speed of 240 km/hour (with the Mercedes motor option) makes it not a bad little driver.

Check out this interior, more future tech than even the Road Warriors automobile.


It is not totally clear whether only 5 Cardin Sbarro Stash's were created, or only 5 Stash's altogether, with only a few being customized by Pierre Cardin! A very sleek machine that would be the envy of all your friends, so what could possibly be better? or faster? ...

... well maybe, just maybe, this other little creation!...

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